Friday, April 25, 2008

Our Newest Grandbaby!!

He loves
his new

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Prayer Partner Update #4 (4/14/08)

Hey dear ones,

Well, we haven't had much new to say lately. All paperwork was done several weeks ago - the visas came in just 5 days. PTL!

We are now counting down to boarding the airplane at DFW - 3 weeks from Thursday. YAY!

Soon we'll need to gather things like sunscreen, repellent, etc... and decide what little to pack. Our goal is about 20 pounds each which will leave 88 pounds of room per person to take things that will be distributed at various clinics and schools in Sierra Leone.

We ask for prayer for our health. We want to be at 100% so that we can do all God has for us. We know the sun, heat and humidity will be a factor, but we seriously want to do our part even though we are among the older folks in the group. :)

This Sunday our church will commission the group and pray over us. What a special time it will be!

Thank you again for being such wonderful prayer partners. We need you!!

Our love!