Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sierra Leone: St George Refuge for Street Kids 5.30.2010

Relaxing after a game of American football. What a hoot!! The guys had no idea what to do with that odd shaped ball. The kids at St George have been rescued off the streets of Freetown where they have done "whatever" it took to survive.
They are in a safe place now!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sierra Leone: Hosetta Update 6.16.2010

We received this updated picture on 6.16.2010. The roof addition was expected to begin 6.21.2010. We look forward to hearing another update from a missionary friend that will be in the area very soon.

Sierra Leone: Hosetta Favorite Pictures #6

Our team left the Hosetta project in the hands of the local contractor. The plan was to have the walls up, roof on and doors/windows in before the rains started in mid-June.

Sierra Leone: Brooke & John

Brooke's love for this boy, John Conteh, has led to a three-phase construction project and the desire to provide curriculum needs and training for the over-worked and under-paid staff of Hosetta School! We have only just begun!!

Sierra Leone: Our 36th Wedding Anniversary 5.31.2010

We celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary while in Sierra Leone.
What a stinky, sweaty pair we were!!

Sierra Leone: Hosetta Favorite Pictures #5

Sierra Leone: Hosetta Favorite Pictures #4

Some of the students at Hosetta!

Sierra Leone: Hosetta Favorite Pictures #3

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sierra Leone: Hosetta Favorite Pictures #2

Sierra Leone: Hosetta Favorite Pictures #1

Hard, hot work! But so rewarding!

Sierra Leone: Hosetta Abdallah 5.28.2010

Just days before Tom, Ted & Mark departed for Sierra Leone, God fulfilled our heart's desire!! The "ok" came for a construction project for the school! In May 2008 we became aware of Hosetta day school. Children with special needs are being ministered to in a culture that normally ignores those with handicaps. We were able to provide funds and manpower for expansion of the facility. We see this as phase one, and look forward to future projects.

Sierra Leone: Our Amazing Team...May/June 2010

Sierra Leone: Canadian Team...May 2010

Tom, Ted & Mark were privileged to work alongside the Canadian team in May.
One team member has blogged extensively at
if you'd like to take a peek.