Friday, August 22, 2008

Back to Work!

What a busy week!
Back to work on Monday after 11 weeks off.
New curriculum this year, so plenty to do.
Lunches out with various co-workers to catch up
on each other’s news.
Seed Sowers Prison Ministry meeting Monday evening.
Open House at school Tuesday night.
Sierra Leone planning meeting Wednesday, followed by choir.
We've had some long overdue rain here this week.
It reminded me of our time in!
The Hummingbird above was one of
several outside our cabin at Yellow Pine Ranch.
Lots of odds and ends to do tomorrow.
I hope to do a little relaxing.

Friday, August 15, 2008

FBC Van Horn Youth

I had the opportunity while we were with Rob and Julie to speak to some of the youth of their church. What a great group of people! They spent 4 days this week involved in "Mission: Van Horn." They ministered to folks all over town. True servant's hearts.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rob and Julie

Rather than travel straight home from Colorado we drove south through New Mexico to El Paso, then 120 miles southeast to Van Horn, Tx. Our daughter and her husband, Rob, rolled out the red carpet as always. This was the first time Beck's parents had been in their home. One evening they invited a few friends over for an informal share time of our Sierra Leone mission trip. God raised up several prayer partners from Van Horn leading up to our trip. What a blessing!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Groom, Texas

As we traveled northwest across Texas toward
the family reunion
we decided to take a detour to Groom.
Here the tallest cross in the Western Hemisphere
stands at 190 feet high.
It is visible from 20 miles in any direction.
There is also a path with a series of statues that begins with
Jesus before Pilate and ends at the empty tomb.
It is quite moving!

Monday, August 11, 2008

43rd Annual McCray Reunion, Cuchara, Colorado

Recently 58 family members converged on Yellow Pine Ranch in Cuchara, Colorado for our (Beck's dad's) annual reunion. It was wonderful to visit with family from Colorado, Texas, Idaho and Hawaii. And after weeks of Texas heat...WOW!!...the cool temps were great! Some of the highlights:
16 of us met for breakfast near
Des Moines, NM
as we traveled up from various places in Texas.
From there we caravaned to Mt Capulin (volcano) for the
opportunity to take in an amazing view.
A drive along the Highway of Legends from Trinidad
to Cuchara.
Excursions to Blue Lake and Bear Lake.
A bear entertained us on the side of the road.
Other bears strolled through the ranch at night turning over
trash cans, drinking from the
Hummingbird feeders
and leaving paw prints on our car.
Family meals for the whole group of 58 with great food.
My name was drawn to win a
well-worn quilt made by
my grandmother
over 50 years ago...a treasure!

Monday, August 4, 2008

New Children's Book!

I recently stumbled onto a book signing for Jessie Finds Jesus. WOW!! This book shares the plan of salvation on a child's level better than any I've seen. Scripture included, and there is a link to a website for audio download. This book is a must for your children and grandchildren! Great for gift giving!