Friday, May 20, 2016

Kent with many of the Waterloo Street Boys!

At one time or another, 
about 90 street boys have been ministered to since January 2011. 
Many have moved on, but we currently have 
42 boys officially in the program, 
in caretaker homes & attending school! 
They were excited to have Kent with them once again! 

These 18 waited a LONG time since
 February to receive their certificates for the 
youth camp they attended. Lost luggage caused the delay, 
but they were cheering when 
Kent & Charles presented the awards! 

These 12 received photo albums 
commemorating their baptisms in March! 
So happy to relive the memories with Kent! 

Kent with Auntie Margaret & kiddos!

The kids were so thankful for gifts from their sponsors 
and t-shirts from 25project!

Yeama & Fatmata were sitting exams at college 
when the group pic was taken! 

Kent Jones, 25 Project ... May 2016

It's impossible to believe that Kent had not been with us since
 July 2014 just days before Ebola entered Freetown!  
So excited to have him back!!  
He's such an encourager, 
and Auntie Margaret & the leadership of the 
Waterloo Street Boy Ministry 
were thrilled to spend time with him! 

Charles Yimbo, Executive Director of CAVERN
Patrick Davies
Daniel Fullah
Alicious Vandi
Egerton Fewry

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ronnie & Mary!

We praise the Lord for the influence that 
Ronnie & Mary Fleming 
have had on our lives since we met and served with Ronnie 
in 2008 on our first trip to SL! 
Mary served alongside us in 2009 & 2010 before our move to Sierra Leone, 
and Ronnie was with us again in May of 2014 
when he joined one of our Missouri teams.  
They have been a constant source of encouragement over the years as 
they've opened their home in England to us for much needed rest, 
and their church (Jubilee Community Church) has 
partnered with us in the efforts that God has called us to!
How can we ever thank them for their example!  
Treasured memories! 
And we trust the Lord for many more to come!!!  
It's all for the Kingdom!  

Visits with Auntie Margaret's Kids!

The UK team visited God's Will Children's Home, 
and the kiddos came to our compound for 
more one-on-one time! 
So thankful to the team for gathering various
supplies that were a
blessing to these kids, plus the 
Hosetta group!

These ladies ROCK!

These ladies ROCK, but they may all agree that they have 
sifted enough sand for a lifetime!!!  
Well, at least for this year!  :)

It's all for the kiddos!

Some of the smiling faces of students and staff at 
Hosetta School for very special kiddos!  
We look forward to the day that the
dormitory & dining hall are 
ready for use!
We've certainly had more delays than we
could have anticipated,
it's all in God's timing! 

Ya gotta keep laughin'!

You have to admire the willingness of teams to do 
construction projects! 
We just try to keep laughing as we realize we all 
sweat & stink together in this heat!!  

Ibrahim Sankoh & his guys!

So blessed by our 5 year relationship with Sankoh, 
and for our teams to have the chance to 
work closely with him & his crew!   

Amazing April UK Team ... 2016!

Ronnie, Mary, John, Kathryn, Tami & Sarah