Saturday, October 27, 2012

The prayers of CHILDREN!!!!

It thrills our hearts to know that so many children are praying for us!!!  In the last month we have received encouraging letters from our granddaughter Madison's class at TCS, as well as notes from Jennifer McCarthy's first grade Sunday School class at Calvary Baptist in Denison.  We also heard via email that the Kindergarten GAs at FBC McKinney have adopted us and are praying weekly!!!  Over the last two years we can't tell you how many notes we've received by email or Facebook to let us know that children as individuals and/or classrooms are lifting us up to our Heavenly Father in prayer!!!  What a blessing!!!  

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Margaret's Orphans: A day at the beach!!!

How exciting for Margaret's kiddos to enjoy a day at the beach!!  This was a first for many of them, and the chicken & rice plate was definitely the first time they had eaten like this!! Thanks to Kent, Brenna & Jill (pictured far right) for providing for this amazing day!!  We were blessed to have Charles, June, Tommy & Esther with us as well.  Charles has been a godsend in the areas of education and social welfare for all of our aspects of ministry.  And we are thrilled that God is expanding Charles' work even further with street kids in Waterloo!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


WOW! Has God ever been busy!!

A lease is in place!  Within a month renovations will be complete, and
CAVERN (Concern for Vulnerable Children)
will be an on-site presence ministering to street children in Waterloo!
We are thankful for the dedication and commitment of Charles Yimbo,
who for three years has faithfully served among
boys who have NO HOME and NO HOPE.
We are thrilled as the opportunities expand,
and we are thankful to so many who are making this possible!

Our gratitude to:
FBC Lake Park, Georgia
Duren Family, Missiouri
Memorial Baptist, Missouri
FBC McKinney, Texas
2011-2012 Team Members
Waterloo Family Services Division
Waterloo Social Welfare
And...a host of prayer partners!!!

It's all for the Kingdom!!!