Sunday, December 16, 2012

Evan's graduation from University of Houston

Evan, Allison, Jacob, Faith & Andi
Tom, Evan & Beck
Virginia (Evan's mom)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Waterloo Drop-in Center

The DROP-IN CENTER is lookin' good!  Boys are hanging out every time the doors are open.  Charles has two volunteers that have proven to be passionate in working alongside him with these precious souls!


NOVEMBER: It's always good to see Alhaji. He was one of the first boys Tom met in January 2011 on the streets of Waterloo. 


NOVEMBER: Thanks to our teammates, Gabe & Sada Herrera, Isatu was able to have surgery for cataracts and has been fitted with new glasses.  She is so happy to be able to see!

Plants and flowers along our security wall at the compound.

So thankful for Ibrahim!

OCTOBER: Ibrahim made the monthly purchase and delivery of 440 pounds of rice to Leonard Cheshire School for Children with Polio!  Thank you FINCH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL in McKinney Texas for your annual drive - PENNIES FOR POLIO!

Planting Brenna's hair!

Some of Margaret's older girls "planted" Brenna's hair while John and Mariama kept her entertained!

Art classes!

OCTOBER: Brenna gave Margaret's kiddos a special treat! ART LESSONS!  They loved it!

Mama Ina's Orphans

SEPTEMBER: It is always fun to visit Mama Ina and her 70+ kiddos. Christine, Lexie and Megan held Saturday morning Bible study, and I had the privilege of giving a suitcase full of goodies from our teams.