Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Bo's Happenings!

Bo is doing great with our oldest son's family in our hometown! 
He had the opportunity soon after school started to share his story in chapel service! 
He is doing well academically, and participated in 
Care-A-Thon by serving with a local organization that feeds the needy. 
He now knows what "Homecoming" means in Texas football! 
And we are so grateful to Charlie, Jennifer & Maddie 
for including him in their family fall-break trip to Disney! 
Most recently he is on the soccer team ... 
a dream come true! 

Hosetta School for Special Needs Kiddos ... Nov 2016

Staff and students welcomed a group from a 
German organization 
that had begun a work before Ebola put a halt to it in June 2014. 
We are excited to hear that 
the project will resume in the spring as 
two graduate students from a Bavarian University 
will arrive to continue to 
develop the educational program side-by-side with 
Sierra Leonean teachers and kiddos! 

Tom and Sankoh's crew are working tirelessly on 
several key aspects of construction on the 
dormitory and dining hall, 
including raising a tower for a water tank

Auntie Margaret's Kiddos Youth Camp ... Nov 2016

So thankful to Charles and his leadership with the street boys 
for hosting Auntie Margaret's kiddos at the Waterloo Ministry Center!!  
They have faithfully pulled double duty for years 
by translating for teams for 
both camps! 

Charles, Daniel, Fewry, Patrick & Vandi

Street Boy Youth Camp ... Nov 2016

19 former street boys enjoyed another youth camp!!  

Bible Study
Praise & Worship
Small Group Time

November Team 2016

So excited to have our final team of 2016 in November!

The 25 Project

Shara Johnson
Sarah Teasdale
Barbara Cross