Tuesday, December 19, 2017



Tom and I would like to express our deepest appreciation to each of YOU for your prayers and support during 2017! As we always say, we could not live and serve in Sierra Leone without the trust YOU place in us to represent YOU on the field!! THANK YOU!

We usually update on what we call our ‘defined’ areas of ministry, but in conversation recently with a partner, we shared that seldom does a week go by that we are not presented with needs that go beyond the norm. Our trust is that God will impress upon us whether to assist, and as He does, we have full faith that our Provider has a plan for provision!

Here are just a few of the ways that YOU have ministered to folks these past few months

….. Nine families have received medical assistance during the worst season of Malaria that we have ever experienced.

….. A precious young girl in our community is attending elementary school. 
….. A family in the church we attend that lost land, home and belongings from the mudslide has been relocated.

….. We have embraced a family with a special needs child as the father’s health has prevented him from working.

….. A young lady is attending an institute to prepare for exams that may open the door for nursing school.

….. For 14 months, 11 families have received bags of rice to help offset rising costs in tough economic times.

….. A young man has started the degree program in Social Work at the Bible College.

….. We’ve assisted with funeral expenses for 2 families who lost loved ones.

….. Textbooks and special lesson fees have been provided for close to 40 former street boys.

….. Auntie Margaret’s kiddos are looking forward Christmas dinner complete with chicken, soda pop, sides and sweets.

….. And … we are most certainly forgetting things …

HOSETTA SCHOOL construction project: The rate at which the cost of building supplies continues to rise is quite alarming, but we are certain that what God has begun, He will bring to completion. For information on how you can help, please let us hear from you.

May this Christmas Season truly be an opportunity to focus on Christ, our Savior and Lord!

Our love to you!

Becky & Tom … and those we serve in Sweet Salone!

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Sulaiman & kiddos!

So proud for Sulai and his family! Their home is lookin' great! Kiddos are doing well! LOVE!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted on Facebook November 21st

After 10 days of fairly nonstop with construction projects, meetings, visits with partners, loving on long-time relationships and encouraging conversations, we are all set to celebrate the American Thanksgiving with British friends surrounded by “pure dead brilliant” beauty (Scottish for ‘utterly amazing’) in Sierra Leone! Such a blessing to be with Ronnie and Mary for our third-in-a-row holiday season away from Tom’s mom, our kiddos and the GRANDS!!

Posted on Facebook November 23rd 

So blessed to be relaxing at Tokeh! It has become an occasional place of refuge for Tommy and me. Amazing staff! We’ve known Edward since 2012 when he was working at the newly opened Crown Xpress. When Tokeh Sands reopened in 2013, we came out for a day and fell in love with the breathtaking view! Matt (from UK) became the manager last year, and it’s been great to get to know him. I would say he’s a Man United fan, but he might strangle me!! Haha!

Hosetta Kiddos!

Ronnie & Mary!

Posted on Facebook November 10th

SEVEN YEARS AGO today Tommy and I touched down in Sierra Leone to live and serve full time! HOW FITTING for RONNIE and MARY to arrive on this day given the impact they have made in our lives with their encouragement and words of wisdom as we followed God’s call to SL! The very first FBCMcK team in May 2008 served alongside Ronnie and others representing Mission Direct, and Mary joined our teams in ‘09 & ‘10! His adventures here began in 2004 and have included 14-15 trips! Mary’s first trip was in 2007, and this one makes #5! So many memories, and so many more to make over the next 2 weeks!! Abraham’s relationship with R & M began in ‘07 when he was enlisted to transport short-term UK teams! Truly humbled and grateful for these and so many other co-laborers for Christ who have poured into us personally and into the lives of countless Sierra Leoneans!! IT’S ALL FOR THE KINGDOM!!!


Posted on Facebook October 27th

Tom and 10 men worked nearly 11 hours today on a cement pour! One very special guy VOLUNTEERED! Daniel, from among the leaders of the street boy ministry in Waterloo, outdid himself from start to finish!! The idea started as a challenge between Daniel and his colleagues as to which of them could work a hard day with Tom! Daniel came early for breakfast, took transport to the job site, and didn’t miss a step keeping up with the crew!! Cement is mixed outdoors, shoveled into pans, carried on the head into and through the building, down stairs, up a ladder made of sticks, and passed off to men waiting in the rafters above!! By the end of the day, the crew were telling Daniel how much they loved working side-by-side with him!! He certainly made a huge impression!! 

Waterloo Smiles!

The days of me being 'needed' in the WL center are long gone! Charles and guys have things running like a well-oiled machine! But ... I sure do enjoy spending time with the boys every 2nd or 3rd Saturday!  They never cease to make me laugh!  LOVE!


Posted on Facebook August 26th

There was a break in the rain this morning, so Charles and the guys decided to tackle mounting the new signboards, one on the main road and the other on the side road leading to the ministry center!!! So much enthusiasm!!! All the boys helped in one way or another, even if only to pose for the camera!! 😜 We 'almost' got 'er dun-dun before the rain started up, but ... I got SOAKED!! Lots of laughs!!

The guys still had Saturday worship even with delays! Energetic singing, Sullay's lesson from John 14, prayer time and a moment of silence honoring Abdul (lost in the mudslide). Charles gave instructions to numerous boys who are new in The 25 Project sponsorship program. They'll be enrolling in school this week!! So much to look forward to!!


Posted on Facebook August 25th

My heart has literally hurt since last week when Charles got word from Abdul's uncle that Abdul had been staying in Regent while school is out ... the area of the mudslide. There was a glimmer of hope late in the week when his name was on a list of patients being treated at the Italian Emergency hospital. Charles drove to the north of the peninsula, but it was another boy with the same name. Charles made one last trip on Saturday to check rosters, but we finally had to realize that Abdul is no longer with us. As I stood at the site of the disaster early this week, I thanked God for the privilege of knowing Abdul even if only for a brief 5 years. His sweet smile remains in my thoughts.


Posted on Facebook in August

No words! The makeshift Nat'l Security Compound for donation collections is at the site of the mudslide. Abe and I dropped off mattresses and then walked down. Abraham's life-long friend Albert died here with his wife and 3 children. Recovery efforts continue.

Dr Gabe & team!

Posted on Facebook Aug 9

Yay!! Over the past 3 weeks the 15 of Auntie Margaret's kiddos have been going to Dr Gabe's dental clinic for visits! Next week we start follow ups for those needing 'cement' (fillings)! So thankful for Dr Gabe, Alice and Augusta (dental assistants), and Henrietta (office)!