Thursday, March 10, 2016

Jay ... 2016!

Many of our team members have come multiple times 
to serve on teams over the last 8 years! 
Sierra Leoneans have a hard time understanding why an 
American would leave the comforts of home to come even once, 
so to return says volumes about the love we have for those we serve!  

Jonathan ... 2016!

Team members also have the chance to pour into our volunteers/translators! 
Great relationships have been built over the years with some amazing young men! 

Kay ... 2016!

Each team member incorporates their own story of how they came 
to know Christ into the discussions! 
It helps those we serve to see us a real people ... saved by grace through faith!!  

Kalli ... 2016

The team did not have a minute to waste as they hosted a youth camp for former street boys and did a modified version for Auntie Margaret's orphans!
Each team member led small groups in discussion which also provided a more intimate setting for special attention for each kiddo! 

Nathan ... team leader!

So thankful for Nathan!!!  This was his 4th time to lead a team to Sierra Leone!
Months of planning and preparation are required stateside before a team arrives,
and we do not take lightly the time and sacrifice
involved in getting everything and everyone ready!
Love and appreciate you, Nathan! 

February Team ... 2016!

So proud of this team!!!  Airplane navigation malfunction caused delays in the USA which meant rerouting via a different airline and losing a day of their time with us. There was never a complaint as we all trust that God is in complete control even when we do not always understand His plan! Once here, luggage dribbled in at various times, and one bag is still apparently in never-never land to this day.  Nathan and Jonathan washed clothes out every night for something to wear, and Jonathan was able to wear a few things of Bo's. Real troopers!!!  LOVE! 


After several extra trips to the Waterloo Center in preparation for the team, I was reminded of just how high on the priority prayer list is SAFETY as we travel these crazy roads on the Freetown Peninsula. We see accidents daily, and recently 2 missionary friends were involved in "BANGS." We appreciate your prayers for us concerning this aspect of our lives!  

January excitement ... 2016!

January brought plenty of excitement as preparations were made at the 
Ministry Center in Waterloo for upcoming 
25project teams in February & March!