Sunday, September 28, 2008

We Walk for Stacy!

Lots has been happening.
Our daughter and her children from Houston were here
for a week while her husband cleaned up after Ike.
She had the opportunity to visit with
many friends and family.
Plans are underway for Sierra Leone 2009.
Our team from this year had an evening of fun,
and several intend to make the return trip.
Tom has been asked to be part of
a 6 man construction team
to South Africa in February.
We are praying toward that end.
Our pastor's wife had her first
chemo treatment and she is doing well.
A bunch from the church will be
walking a 5K in her honor on October 18th
(t-shirt above).
My students will be taking 6-week exams
Wednesday. Unbelievable!
This school year is flying!
Seed Sowers Prison Ministry
is preparing for our fall banquet.
God exceeded our expectations last year.
We anticipate a great night
November 14th.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Arbor

From our daughter in West Texas:
This is a picture from our back yard. Rob built this arbor last year out of wood from an old swingset that someone threw out. The morning glories have just been amazing during this fall weather!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Another Busy Week!

Neat things have been going on around here...
Friends Steve and Cathy came for a visit.
They are in from the
United Arab Emirates.
While they furlough they'll be staff missionaries at
Union College in Tennessee.
It was great the see them.
We celebrated birthdays for 2 of the
granddaughters - Hunter, 10 and Harley, 4.
Eleven more volunteers were trained last Saturday
for prison ministry.
God just keeps on blessin.'
Our choir has started working on music
for Christmas.
I love the holidays!
I usually load Christmas CDs in the car
in October, and no,
I don't get tired of them.
We had great services at the
county jail last night.
A full house!
I had the opportunity to speak to the
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
on our campus this morning about
prison ministry.
I'd say there were close to
50 faculty and students.
They plan to be involved in a couple of our
Seed Sowers projects this fall.
A real blessing!
Our pastor
is doing a book signing tomorrow
Live Forgiven.
Soon there will be nearly
200 small groups
from our church
doing the 6 week study simultaneously.
Be sure to click on
Pastor Jeff Warren
under my favorites for details.
Things are in the works for
Sierra Leone 2009.
We can't wait!