Monday, April 8, 2013

Bo's school desk!

I was so excited recently to find a small desk for Bo for school work! We'd been sharing desk space which meant I really could not be working as he was doing school. Now we can both stay busy! He's taken a shine to art! He loves to draw and doodle! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dr Lyn & Dr Suzi

It was our pleasure to host
 Dr Lyn Westman
 (17 years as Mercy Ships chaplain & mental health physician) 
and Dr Suzi Irwin 
(UK mental health physician) 
for 2 weeks in March. 
They were here doing follow up to ministry done in 2011 
when the Ship was docked in Sierra Leone. 
Their jam-packed schedule was nothing short of
 miraculous as they worked with the following groups:
Margaret's Orphans
15 of Mama Ina's Orphans
Fire & Police Officers
Prison Fellowship
Traditional Healers from all over SL
Church Leaders
Health Care Workers
Mental Health Coalition of Sierra Leone
BRAVO Lyn & Suzi!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Andy & Heidi! How fun!!

We were so blessed to spend Saturday with our old friends, Andy & Heidi! They were in Sierra Leone in 2008 as Country Managers for Mission Direct when our original team from FBC McKinney came. They returned to England later in '08, and this is their first trip back since that time! We are in prayer with them as to future ministry opportunities that may bring them once again to serve in our beloved Salone!  WooHoo!