Friday, December 21, 2007

Kid's Christmas Table

Our Bible Fellowship Group came for dinner last Saturday.
Several of their kids were here.
I had the privilege of eating with them at the
"kids table" in front of the tree.
We had our snowmen dishes, snow figures, etc...
on the coffee table,
plus, I borrowed 6 of the oldest
little brown chairs
from ESBC.
It was so cozy! We had lots of fun!
Tom and I shopped again this evening.
The grandkids gifts are done!
I'm taking my mom to shop for them in the morning.
I have a few grocery items to pick up,
then cleaning to do. Also wrap presents.
Relaxing a little sounds good. :)
Very productive meeting in Plano this
morning for the prison ministry.
I can just sense that the
Monarch House
is going to be a reality before we know it!!
melt 2 sticks butter in sauce pan
add 2 pkg cream cheese and blend till smooth
add chopped jalapenos with juice as desired
pour over 4 squatty cans of shoepeg corn in 9X9 dish (drain 3)
bake at 350 degrees covered for 30 minutes or so
Choir sings in all three services Sunday with
Adam Paul Williams
as the featured soloist.
He has played "JESUS" in the passion play
at Glenrose, TX.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Grayson Girls

Our ladies small group had a
wonderful time at our
Christmas Dinner recently.
We feel so comfortable together
even though we have only met 4 times.
Some could not attend,
others came for the first time.
I believe we have
13 all together.
Yesterday was my
last day to work till
January 2nd.
It will come all too soon!
Tomorrow morning early
I will be in Plano
with Elaine
(prison ministry)
as she shares the vision of the
Monarch House with
a company that is interested in
providing financial support
for the house and
supplying volunteer
manpower for vital roles.
Sunday we have our meal
with my kids,
my parents and Tom's mother.
Jenn will host the occasion.
Julie and Rob will arrive
late that evening.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Old Friends

Old friends

after all of these years,

just old friends

through the laughter and tears,

old friends,

what a find, what a priceless treasure.

Old friends

like a rare piece of gold,

my old friends

brought me in from the cold,

old friends,

through it all I will hold to

old friends!

(Angie,wish you had been with us!)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

An Evening With Michael W Smith

What a privilege it was to hear
"my American idol"
Melinda Doolittle
Wednesday at the Meyerson
(Dallas Symphony Orchestra)!
Michael W was great, as well as the Katinas,
but hearing Melinda was the fulfillment of
one of the "desires of my heart!!"
Her humility is so refreshing!!
And what talent!!
Thank you, Lord!
We have experienced such
Christmas excitement
the last 3 Sundays at church.
"Deck the Halls" was so fun, then last Sunday
the choir had the chance to sing
at one of our
satellite locations.
Today the theme was "swing."
So neat!!
We still have a
gospel theme and a more
traditional service to look forward to plus 6
Christmas Eve services
to choose from.
Tom nor I participated in
(17 outdoor scenes dramatized with full sets, etc...),
but 700 of our church family did.
10,000+ people witnesses the event this week
on one of the 4 nights.
I completed training yesterday
at the Bonham jail
with the
Texas Department of Criminal Justice.
I am now able to enter
any state prison to minister.
I will also make contact this week
with the chaplain
for the Grayson County Jail.
Each county has its
own training
and/or requirements.
(ladies small group)
meet tomorrow night for
Christmas dinner.
And Tuesday evening I'm having dinner
with 4 of my dearest,
longtime friends. I have been
truly blessed in my life to know some of the
greatest women on the planet.
God is good!!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas Spirit!

I'm stalling!
I'm suppose to be putting the tree up today,
but I've managed to piddle for hours.
So, I decided if I pulled out some
photos from last Christmas
they might inspire me!
Ah, yes, the little felt bird in the picture above
was the first ornament to be placed on our
tree besides the old balls everyone use to hang.
Tom's oldest brother married one month after we did in 1974.
That first Christmas his wife made
these little birds for our trees.
A treasure!!
Through the years we have played
Chinese Christmas with ornaments at
various Sunday School parties.
The result is that
I am in tears with each
ornament I hang.
Such wonderful memories!!
Now...I am ready...wish you were here
to experience the day with me!!