Monday, July 7, 2008

Tom's cancer (7/3/08)

The results of Tom’s procedure were exactly as the doctor expected. The tumor was an early stage cancer. The good news is that the cancer was contained within the tumor. This type of bladder cancer is usually non-aggressive and non-life threatening, but it has a tendency to recur again and again. Tom will have a 5 year follow-up by having a cysto every 3 months for the first year, every 4 months for the second, and twice a year for 3 years. He will also have a more in-depth scan on his kidneys in August that will serve as a base-line for future scans. In the doctor’s words, “If you have to have cancer, this is the kind you want.”

We are thankful for all of you who have prayed so faithfully. The outpouring of emails and phone calls has meant more than we can express. We love you all and praise the Lord for you.

God bless!


SJCarsten said...

thank you for the update. Please know we are praying for you both.

Love you,


Oliphint- said...

As I read...I am blowen away by all the little tiny things that we have in common. First of all--my Mom is a school teacher. My father inlaw (hubbys dad) is named Tom, we just lost him to a battle with Cancer in April. Then I look down and you have a friend named Titus! My very good friends little boy is named Titus. I only say that, even thought that isn't a big shocking deal--because Titus isn't a very popular name. Anyway--I know that I am being silly--there you have it! :) :) LOL!!