Thursday, November 18, 2010

War Widows For Christ

I had the chance to visit a few ladies at the War Widow's Camp yesterday. This group consists of 86 women, their children and an orphanage that houses 26 kids (one severly handicapped). The organization was formed after the civil war and has continued to grow. It is common in Sierra Leone for people with similar concerns to band together. It gives them the opportunity to petition the government for assistance. Their leader showed me their gardens in Grafton which are made up of 12 acres, and they have access to 50 acres near Waterloo several miles away (they have to travel by poda poda (taxi/van service)). Although the women work hard, they barely have enough to feed the camp. A part of the project we will help with will provide a high yield seed for better crops. They will also be given food supplements for several months to help get them over the hump until crops come in.

The picture above shows one of the ways the women are learning new skills to help provide additional income for the group. A couple of ladies from Arlington came in October and taught them how to quilt American style, but with African fabrics. They picked it right up and have made some beautiful things. They work in a downstairs area of our apartment building with tables that have been set up for the women to come 4 mornings each week. The items they are producing are very out of the ordinary here in Sierra Leone, and we hope they will draw interest in the local market.

Please be in prayer for the War Widows. While founded by a Christian woman, about half are Muslim. The chaplain for the Hope Center has started a Wednesday afternoon Bible study. We trust that God's Word will not return void!

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Anonymous said...

This is awesome Becky. Beautiful work. I will pray for these women. God's Word will NOT return void.:)