Friday, April 8, 2011


We feel such an attachment to our young friend, Mommoh! He stands outside a small grocery store where we shop just waiting to help people carry bags. Mommoh is deaf and mute. After two months of smiles, handshakes and waves, I was determined to know his name. So...we asked him. He went to our dusty back windshield and wrote the letters...MOMMOH. I still smile as I think about it. Recently, Tom and I were sitting in the vehicle while others with us shopped. Mommoh came to the window and motioned that he wanted paper and pen. I pulled some out of my bag. He wrote the words, "DEAF SCHOOL." Then he began to write several other words so we would understand that he can read and write. I was so proud of him! I will treasure that scrap of paper forever! You can be sure that we "tip" Mommoh each time he carries and loads our groceries, and being the gentleman that he is, he opens the door and helps me into the car. I just love Mommoh!

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