Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Thank you, Kaysie!

So thankful for our friend Kaysie with Willamette Int'l! A couple of times each year she comes to Dr Gabe's dental clinic on his day off to clean teeth for our team of missionaries and theirs!  This time we discovered that Bo had an extra tooth that should not be there, and it was pushing the real one out of place. Today, as a follow up, Dr Gabe yanked it right out!  Well, he didn't "yank," but that was what I told Bo he was gonna do. HA! All went well, and Bo is already out playing. So grateful for our friends who dedicate their lives to serve the Lord in this country!!!


Kolby vetter said...

This is a total God move that just happened. As I was searching the internet tonight on info about Sierra Leone, i came upon this blog and was totally in shock when i saw that pictures of Bo and you guys. I traveled to Sierra Leone with the raining season in May and met you guys at Crowne Express. We became pretty good friends with Bo. I hope all is well and everything is going Okay. I would love to stay in touch, can you tell Bo, Uncle Kolby says hi! I will continue to pray for you all!
Kolby Vetter

Sierra Leone Mission Trips said...

Hey Kolby!
Just found this comment. We were traveling. Can you email me at beckbrock@yahoo.com so I can reply! Would love to stay in contact!!!