Sunday, March 8, 2015

In Good Hands!

Seven days a week, we have a number of men in our compound. Some are security guards, and some assist with construction or routine work.  We simply could not be here and do what God has called us to do without these guys!  Even while we were in the USA recently, this place was locked down tight as the men were risking their own lives to transport to work each day through areas of the peninsula where Ebola was running rampant!  We love these folks!

Carew, Sulaiman & Abraham

We have a bleach hand washing station just inside the gate, 
and temperatures are checked before the guys begin work.

Sankoh & Carew



The guys always talk about how in this country the "BOSS MAN" is thought to be very strict, and he doesn't actually do the work. He orders everyone around, and would never joke or have a good time. Well, Tom is relentless at playing jokes on the men as they work side by side together! They have great respect for his work ethic, and enjoy his humor!

Other security who work weekends or nights: Desmond, Alfred, Joseph K, Joseph S, Mark, and Sullay!  So blessed by all these wonderful men!  

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