Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Merry Christmas!

December 9, 2011
Bo's first trip to Texas!
This pic was taken at the airport in London.
He had never even seen an airplane,
 had no clue what Christmas trees or Santa were all about, 
and from this moment I believe I have continued to 
experience the holiday season through 
HIS EYES every year! 

Merry Christmas from all of us in Sierra Leone!

How can we not give thanks and praise to God for His tender mercies?!?


We’ve been declared EBOLA FREE and look forward to continued recovery and renewal here in Sweet Salone!

60+ of our kiddos have completed a modified academic year, and will begin another in January! By September 2016, all students should be back on target from delays because of Ebola!

The oldest 4 of Auntie Margaret’s kids continue in college, and anticipate government exams in 2016 to help determine their skills or academic track for the future!

Between the former street boys in Waterloo and Auntie Margaret’s kids, 20 of the younger ones have completed government exams this fall, and we hope for the best as the results will determine promotion to higher grade levels.

The temporary RELIEF EFFORT will end this month. Up to 19 families monthly have received parcels since January to help them get back on their feet from the side effects of Ebola!  They deeply appreciate YOU for making this possible!

The Waterloo Drop-In Center is running a full slate of activities with Bible studies, tutorials, counseling and rice distribution to caretaker families! 

Hosetta construction is going great! Work was stalled a full year because of Ebola, but Tom and crew are making progress daily!

Bo is doing well in school. He will be 15 on January 15th, and this will also mark 5 years since the first day Tom met him on the streets of Waterloo! Time flies!

Our moms in Texas are doing well, as are our kids and grandkids! They’ve had some tough times this year among their extended families with illnesses and the loss of a brother-in-law, but God has been faithful to comfort! We will certainly miss being with them this Christmas season!

TEAMS for 2016!!  We have a potential for SEVEN teams! So exciting! If you would like information on dates and areas of ministry, please reply to this email to request a schedule! We would love to have YOU!


Each PRAISE above has a built-in prayer request. For example, EBOLA FREE does not mean that it cannot reoccur. We must all remain vigilant to see that any new cases are quickly identified and treated! We could easily have another outbreak if government agencies and medical staff do not stay on top of this!

We thank you for your continued prayers for us and all those we serve!

WE LOVE YOU and praise the Lord for each of you! 

May this Christmas season be filled with JOY!

J  -  JESUS first
O  -  Others second
Y  -  Yourself last

It’s all for the Kingdom!
Tom, Beck & Bo

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