Monday, December 11, 2017

Ronnie & Mary!

Posted on Facebook November 10th

SEVEN YEARS AGO today Tommy and I touched down in Sierra Leone to live and serve full time! HOW FITTING for RONNIE and MARY to arrive on this day given the impact they have made in our lives with their encouragement and words of wisdom as we followed God’s call to SL! The very first FBCMcK team in May 2008 served alongside Ronnie and others representing Mission Direct, and Mary joined our teams in ‘09 & ‘10! His adventures here began in 2004 and have included 14-15 trips! Mary’s first trip was in 2007, and this one makes #5! So many memories, and so many more to make over the next 2 weeks!! Abraham’s relationship with R & M began in ‘07 when he was enlisted to transport short-term UK teams! Truly humbled and grateful for these and so many other co-laborers for Christ who have poured into us personally and into the lives of countless Sierra Leoneans!! IT’S ALL FOR THE KINGDOM!!!

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