Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Quilt

This is a well-worn
quilt that was made by
my grandmother.
My aunts said most of the
fabric was from
old dresses of grandma's.
Some was from bright colored
feed sacks.
I feel so blessed that
my name was drawn at
our summer family reunion
to receive this treasure.


Anonymous said...

Ok, so you can will that to me when you die!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! I love quilts!!! They are so fun and full of memories.. not to mention beautiful!!! Congrats!!! :) I love you Mom!!! How your weekend is great!!!

Angie said...


Michelle said...

What a phenomenal treasure! Wow!

How is your school year going? I hope you've been able to work ahead a bit. The last time we "talked" you were writing an entirely new curriculum (or at least adapting a new one).

I am swamped but happy. I just read about your jail ministry: nice! And your church has 200 small groups???? Wow!

Best wishes for a fantastic evening. You, your family, and your church will be in my prayer.

drea said...

Long time no visit. I absolutly love your grandmas quilt. What a wonderful memory you can cherish.

I love quilts myself and have learned to make them. I wanted my children to have some to keep and pass on. Also, it is a skill not learned much any more.

Blessings to you friend,