Friday, October 31, 2008


Quilts from left to right...
The squares for the 4 on the left were done by mom's mom in the 50s to early 60s. She died before she got them quilted. Friends or family have finished them for me throught the years. The one in the middle with the snowman was done by tracing and coloring the pictures from a farm coloring book, then ironed over with wax paper. I believe there are still 2 quilts that Mamaw Medearis started that need to be quilted. The burgandy lap quilt was done by either dad's mom or her sister Aunt Chee. And I won the one on the right in dad's family reunion drawing this summer. My goal is to wear them out while I'm alive to enjoy them!

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Angie said...

T.W.....too wonderful.