Friday, October 8, 2010

Sierra Leone: "Sweet Salone"

from Bradt travel guide:

Salone, as it is affectionately known (and Sweet Salone for extra affection), is not always an easy country, or a happy one. Plenty of things don't work, and won't work for a good while yet. Energy, water, roads, education, health - these basics are erratic, if present at all. Travel across the capital is tough, let alone going a few miles down the coast or trekking upcountry.

But Sierra Leone's love of life, the determination to make something of itself, even while it shuffles at the very bottom of the UN's human development index, shows a spirit the world should gasp at.


SJCarsten said...

love you! May God Bless your mission and work

beck brock said...

Thank you, Stell!

Jax said...

What an accurate description!
Love the line - "Shows a spirit the world should gasp at" I don't know anyone who hasn't sensed that spirit & been touched by SL.
Loved reading your blog through - I am sure it will be tough, but I am sure you will be blessed & will bles many! Enjoy - I will enjoy reading!
Jackie (Ronnie & Mary Fleming's lifegroup)