Friday, February 18, 2011

What a birthday present!!! Mohamed's smile!

This morning we relocated Mohamed from the clinic, where he has been the last 29 days, to The St George Refuge for Street Kids. His skin condition will take aggressive treatment for months to come, but the staff at St George are just the folks to take good care of him. We've visited the refuge each year since 2008, and they have such a heart for the kids. We will be making weekly visits to replenish his medications and to hug on him. We dropped back by this afternoon to deliver a 50 kilo bag of rice for all the kids and staff. Mohamed was having a ball with his new friend, also named Mohamed, who was picked up on the road by police near Freetown. He only speaks Mende which means someone probably brought him here from the southern part of Sierra Leone and left him on the sad, but not unusual at all.


Anonymous said...

He looks so much better! This is great, and you look great too missy :) Happy Birthday!

SJCarsten said...

happy birthday darling!! I miss you too