Friday, August 5, 2011

In the poda-poda!

On a ride in the poda-poda, Mark and Bobo were holding hands. Precious! You can see patches of sores on the back of his head. He got better with meds while the team was here, then went from bad to worse soon after. He's just finished another round of injections, and we are determined to persevere until a cure is found! Thanks go to a Texas doctor and lab tech for their willingness to work with us! A biopsy kit is being shipped as I type. We will pray for it's speedy return to the states with viable samples in tact!

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Anonymous said...

That's actually me in the picture. That was one of my favorite moments of the entire journey. I believe it was on the last day while we were headed to the restaurant for lunch. Bobo didn't turn around, he didn't say anything, he just stuck his hand back and kinda waved it up and down a little for me to hold his hand. I sure do love and miss that little boy. i wrote a follow-up newsletter for people that supported us on the trip. I had several pictures to show the highlights of the trip. I had one picture of a group of street kids from Waterloo with their empty and hallow eyes. Below that I had a picture and story about Bobo with his huge beaming smile. I realized that the only difference between the street kids and the 'former' street kid was that Bobo had found someone that loves him and cares for him.
Love you guys too. -Tony