Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jan-Feb '14 Reflections

Hello everyone!!

We are terribly behind on updating our blog! It's been quite a busy year! We thought we'd hit the highlights, and we can weave in information on the effects of Ebola in West Africa along the way. As always, we are so thankful for your prayers and support as YOU are the reason we have the privilege of living and serving in our Sweet Salone!!

How thrilling for Auntie Margaret and the kiddos to receive a visit from several of the staff and students of Murraydeen in January! They had heard of the orphanage, and were stirred as a school to make this one of their ministry projects for the year! Provisions were delivered, and a fun afternoon was had by all!  Margaret and Becky visited the school in March and had the chance to offer thanks to the entire staff and student body!

Our February team hosted by 25project did an amazing job on our 3rd camp for former street boys! Numerous pictures with captions were posted on this event previously!

We had some fun times Jan-March with teammate Chuck Luke as he was in and out of Freetown! Honestly, he and Bo fight like brothers! We had Sada Herrera and others from Arlington, Texas with us in February for strategic planning, and Sada returned with a team in early June as well.

A double blessing came on Feb 16th as Sulaiman and Gbessay welcomed twins!  Our Feb team and others from TX were instrumental in keeping these little guys healthy over the months that followed as each needed surgeries and special attention!  They are simply darling!

Be watching for additional reflections!  Our love to you all!!! 

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