Friday, November 7, 2014

March-April '14 Reflections

It was in March that we began to hear the word EBOLA, but it seemed so far removed from us. We were determined not to be driven by concerns or fear knowing that we had lots of exciting things ahead for 2014!

Charles and Patrick spent lots of time this spring updating profiles of street boys and securing pictures of their caretakers for verification during rice distributions. Becky had the opportunity to participate in March as 43 families received rice!  A joyous day!!

Margaret's college kiddos spent time improving their computer skills this year, and of course, Bo enjoys pestering them when he can get away with it!  Fatmata, Ibrahim & Yeama.

Work continued on the toilet system throughout the year. Tom has some great guys working alongside him on construction projects!

As April came to an end, the news of EBOLA concerns in Guinea was increasing by the day. 

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