Wednesday, April 29, 2015

... from both sides of the world!

Greetings everyone!

Tom and Bo send you a hearty, "Ku-shay," (Krio for "hello") from Sierra Leone, and I greet you with, "howdy," as I am in Texas assisting my mother with her transition into a nursing home. Our thanks to all who have prayed for us during this unexpected event! Mom is regaining strength and settling into this new season in her life!

Good news for Sweet Salone!! We are rejoicing as we've seen Ebola numbers decline over the last few months! Most days there are ZERO new cases, and at times one or two, but overall, we believe that West Africa has this deadly virus close to being contained!

Schools in Sierra Leone reopened this month, and we have 70+ kiddos, some orphans and others are former street boys, back in the classroom. Tom has done an amazing job filling in for me administratively and with the accounting for this area of ministry!

Our temporary relief effort for 19 families will continue through at least October. Those receiving food parcels each month have such appreciation for you who are making this possible!

Tom is working on the final stage of construction for the toilet system for Margaret's orphans. He will soon restart the work on Hosetta School's dormitory and dining hall for our special needs children.

Bo loves his new school!! We are so excited that he was accepted to DELE Preparatory Academy. He is up by 5am and is walking down the mountain by 6:30 to a bus pick-up. He has studies from 8am to 4pm and then makes his way back home. Tom says he is "dog tired" by evening!

God is so good to us, and YOU are such a blessing through your prayers and support! Please accept our deepest gratitude!

We love you dearly!

Becky ... and Tom & Bo

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