Monday, June 15, 2015

Heading Home!!!

Time does fly!
Tomorrow I will head home to Sierra Leone!
I am thankful that mom has regained strength, 
and is adjusting so well to her new environment. 
She was one sick chick in Feb-Mar, 
and we had no idea what the future held for her. 
It has been neat to watch her get her "spunk" back! 
The picture below is my favorite from the last few weeks. 
She was acting quite feisty, and I told her if she wasn't careful,
 the home was gonna kick her out!! 
We had a good laugh!  

My gratitude to all who have prayed for our family!
Your love and concern have meant the world!

I can't wait to be posting updates from the other side of the ocean! 
Oh how I have missed Tommy, Bo and all those we serve!! 


Janise said...

So glad to see the progress and how God has gotten your mom settled and given you peace of mind! Can't wait to see what He has in store for your next chapter in Sierra Leone. Give Tom, Bo, Abraham, Sulay hugs from all of us. love, Janise

SJ Carsten said...

Love you Beck! Hug everyone for me