Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Martin and his family have been such a blessing since his first trip to Sweet Salone in October 2013. A few months previously, he had been pondering mission trip opportunities at his church, but they simply were not going to fit into his schedule.  As he was driving in McKinney one day, the Lord impressed upon him to stop by our church just to see what might be available.  The next thing you know, he was preparing to come with one of our teams!  WE LOVE HOW THE LORD WORKS!  Martin is pictured here with one of the Waterloo boys, Mumunu, that his family sponsors.  

All of our team members fall in love with Little Lulu!  She is not one of the orphans at Auntie Margaret's, but her granny has been such a friend and helper to Margaret, 
and Lulu visits the home often, especially when we have TEAMS!   

Kandra made her first trip with her dad to SL in June 2014.  She has stolen everyone's hearts!  Pictured with Ibrahim from Auntie Margaret's and Lulu!

Lulu and some of her friends that live near Auntie Margaret's.

Kandra with Jabob and Peter ... from Auntie Margaret's.

Martin sure knows how to sling a hammer!
Tom has been so blessed to have him to work alongside! 

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