Monday, October 19, 2015


For the first time since Ebola entered Freetown in July 2014, 
we were able to host a team!  
So thankful for
Sarah & Paige representing 25project, McKinney, TX
... and ... 
Martin & his daughter Kandra from FBC Melissa, TX

There was eager anticipation on every side leading up to the team's arrival!!  
These guys are former street boys who are now in caretaker homes and schools!  
This would not be possible without the sponsorship program administered by 25project, 
as well as other families who give toward special needs.

Updated pictures and video will soon be on the way  
to all sponsors of the street guys and Auntie Margaret's orphans! 

We were able to visit FOURTEEN schools spread over a 
wide area in the Waterloo community to see boys and meet their teachers!  
So encouraging! 

Auntie Margaret's kiddos came in groups to our compound 
for some TLC and gifts from their sponsors!  
Cynthia was especially excited! 

Martin was with Tom on the Hosetta School Construction Project!  
He is a ROCK STAR among the staff, kids & Tom's crew! 

Paige spent a morning reviewing Sign Language with the very special kiddos at Hosetta! 

This gave Sarah and Kandra time to assist the guys by hauling cement!  

More updates are on the way!  It sounds like the team took a combined total of 
over 4000 photos!  Looking forward to posting "a few."  

Our gratitude to all who made this possible!!!  

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