Friday, February 24, 2017

2016 Christmas Greetings!

Various Christmas greetings posted on Facebook December 2016

Love these goofy guys!!! What a privilege to serve alongside them in ministry! It's wonderful to have Juine, Tommy & Esther with us for our dinner out as we celebrate all that God has done over the past 6 years. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all our friends and partners around the world! Our very best to you this holiday season! JESUS IS IT! Period!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Sulaiman and his cutie twins, Ibrahim and John! He and wife Gbssay have 5 beautiful children. Since May 2008, we've had 22 teams with 95 individuals serving on one or more, and Sulaiman has been there for every one humbly meeting needs! A true man of integrity with an amazing servant's heart! My HERO!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Abdul Carew and Isaiah & Lucas!! Carew (pronounced Kay-Roo) joined us in July 2013 as daytime security guard 5 to 6 days each week, 12 hour shifts! Tom describes him as, "One of the most loyal and hardest working men he has known IN HIS LIFE!!" The responsibilities he has for keeping the grounds, fueling generators, and a dozen other duties are done with a smile on his precious face! Not one complaint ... EVER! He and his wife Adama have 5 daughters. Since May, he has become best buddies with the 3 Herrera boys! What a dear friend he is to us!! Blessed!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Desmond and Mark! These young men have served with us for years as nighttime security, and occasionally during the day. We have known them to be strong in their faith, dependable, loyal to their families, and such fun to be with! We are so thankful to have them in our lives!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Alicious Vandi! What a blessing Vandi is to us!! His quiet and gentle spirit, his compassion, and his passionate walk with Jesus are an inspiration to everyone who knows him! When he stands to teach God's Word ... what strength, what power flow through this genuinely humble young man!! Vandi has become a son to us, and we could not be more proud of him for his determination to live for Christ!

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