Friday, February 24, 2017

Jan/Feb '17 ... Water Tower & Tank in progress for Auntie Margaret & Kiddos!

Water tower at various stages: Jan/Feb 2017

Excited for the next phase of construction at Auntie Margaret's ... tower & water tank! So sad that a tree was in the way, but Tom assured me there was no choice but to remove it. Some of the kiddos provided an audience!! Hahaha! As always, deeply grateful for the Jeff City West Rotary Club, MO!!

Oh WOW! Progress at the orphanage today in only 6 hours of digging ... through ROCK!! Way to go Sankoh & crew!! Some are digging while the others get the rebar lined out.

Simon is not happy about losing HIS TREE! He used to sit in the low branches and sing!! He's a rapper, and he can shake a leg (dance) too!!

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