Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Groom, Texas

As we traveled northwest across Texas toward
the family reunion
we decided to take a detour to Groom.
Here the tallest cross in the Western Hemisphere
stands at 190 feet high.
It is visible from 20 miles in any direction.
There is also a path with a series of statues that begins with
Jesus before Pilate and ends at the empty tomb.
It is quite moving!


drea said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. do you know God's Girl? Or did she just happen to find you some how. I love these pictures, I think that I have seen them some where before. My favorite author lives in Texas, Beth Moore. Are you anywhere near them?
I loveed to hear about your international family, that is such a blessing. I also see from your blog that we have something else in common, missions. My husband and I have a heart for missions too. I don't know how the Lord will use that yet, so for now we wait.
Blessings to you and your beautiful family.

Tammy Bowers said...

Hi Beck, great pictures. Sounds like a cool trip. You posted a comment on my blog, so I cam over to check out yours. Sounds like a like-mind to me.
Thanks, Tammy

Oliphint- said...

Thank you for your prayers and for the book information.

Glad to hear your hubby is doing good. Cancer is such an unpredictable thing. I will keep him in my prayers, as well as you.

I did read about Titus! Oh my heart aches for him. Here I was feeling sorry for myself with all my kiddos health issues, then I see this sweet family....really makes you see how blessed you really are!

Love this pictures! How neat! I wanna go there now. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey it looked fun when you went to colorado. I wish I could have gone and seen everything.

Love, Hunter

beck brock said...

Hi Hunter!

You are precious. Just think, you'll be 10 years old in a few weeks!

I love you too!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I never knew this was in Texas!!

This is great. Thanks for sharing. I love the look of your new blog.


Denise said...

I've seen an email about this. Absolutely beautiful! What was it like live and in person? Is it as big as it looks?

Hauswife said...

Stunning! Those are so beautiful! Some of California's missions have statues similar to those, but obviously not of that grand scale. Thank you for sharing photos. I'd love to visit that site someday and see it in person.

SJCarsten said...

Loved the pics!!!