Friday, August 15, 2008

FBC Van Horn Youth

I had the opportunity while we were with Rob and Julie to speak to some of the youth of their church. What a great group of people! They spent 4 days this week involved in "Mission: Van Horn." They ministered to folks all over town. True servant's hearts.


Anonymous said...

Well, I forgot to leave ANOTHER comment since you deleted my last one!! haha Anyway, your such a goof. I love it though!

I am just making Jacob's cupcakes. They are so cute!!! They are frogs... I'll take pictures for you to see. I am sooo excited about them. I am just letting them cool off right now before I frost them.

I love all of your pictures. They are great. I bet it was fun to meet the youth at Van Horn. That's so awesome that they are getting involved with missions.. no better place to start than your home town! I remember when we painted one woman's house one summer. It was so much fun! Such a great ministry too!

Well, I love you.... Talk with you soon....

Robin said...

Wonderful - its great to be mission minded and to pass the flame to our youth!

Robin said...

I was just looking at the side of your blog and I see you went on at least two mission trips! Wonderful. My church is very mission minded also. We have missionaries in Sierra Lione. My husband recently returned from a mission trip to Alaska. He had a rude awakening with the temperature being so low, but other than that he had a great experience.