Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bo and Sulaiman!

We love Sulaiman! He is one of the first people we met in 2008, and our friendship with him and his kiddos has grown over the years. Earlier this year, knowing that his job would be coming to an end with the relocation of King George Compound for the Elderly, we asked him to consider working with us a couple of days a week. We call him "our partner in ministry!" He has become not only Becky's right arm, but also her left, as he helps with laundry and cleaning. There is no way we would have the freedom we do without Sulay! And...he is such a help with Bo, just like a big brother! We thank the Lord for our friend Sulaiman!

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niki said...

Becky, precious picture. precious people. Man, I miss you & them & SL. Know that you & Tom are being prayed for, and thought of many times over.