Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bo with his tutor, Charles!

Charles has been amazing with Mohamed! His work on the streets of Waterloo led him into relationship with this special boy around the first of 2011. In mid-January, Charles introduced us to "the bobo." The bond between these two fellas continues to grow! Charles has a degree in education and is now two semesters away from a 2nd in social work. We work alongside him with two of the projects we are involved in, and our admiration of his faith in the Lord, his dedication to the under privileged, and his utter humility that God sees fit to use him, grows weekly! He has been a godsend as he has tirelessly worked with social welfare officials in the Western Rural District of Waterloo where he found Mohamed, and now in Freetown, to help us secure documents for foster parenting and immigration as we seek a Passport and VISA for Bo. We praise the Lord for Charles!!!

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