Friday, September 2, 2011

Bo with Timothy

We've been blessed over the last few weeks to have Timothy, security guard for the Hope Centre, filling in for Pa'Hassan's well-deserved vacation. In fact, it was very hard letting him go yesterday! We will miss him terribly. He has been so encouraging to all of us, and especially Bo. Timothy know Scripture like nobody's business. In the afternoons, he would take stories Tom has been reading to Bo in English and raise them to a whole new level with his animated Krio. He has prayed some of the most beautiful prayers over us at the breakfast table, and we know we've been in his prayers throughout the day as he worked around the compound. You will be missed at the apartment, Timothy, but we will see you almost daily at the Centre!


Anonymous said...

Love the smile on Bo's face.

Mark said...

I recognize that ball. Is his toy drawer still full? Looks like he is still having fun.