Saturday, July 18, 2015

One month home!

I (Becky) have been home just over a month!
 I've told some that it seems like my time in Texas assisting 
my mom was only a dream! 
It's great to be back with Tom, Bo and all those we
work alongside and serve! 

Auntie Margaret's kiddos are doing well.  Schools have been going on for all the kids
until yesterday. The government must have decided that the wise thing to do 
during the heaviest of the rains was to break for
six weeks. They'll get going again on August 31st to continue the 
modified academic year that will end in December.
This pictures was taken yesterday as Yeama was assisting with food preparations. 
Others were helping with the meal, some doing
laundry. Our 4 seniors were involved in English tutoring with 
our friend Emmanuel.
So thankful for their example of a FAMILY
working together!!!  

I was at the Drop-In Center in Waterloo
this morning as former street boys, 
along with their caretakers, 
came for the monthly rice distribution.
This afternoon they are having English tutoring, and at other times/days 
they have math tutoring, counseling and Bible Studies! 

The temporary relief effort (food parcels) continues for a few more months
to help folks get back on their feet from the side effects of Ebola! 

Tom and his guys have been at the HOPE CENTER the last
3 days assembling a swing set for the Ebola Orphans
who are in the transitional program.

These are some of the boys living at HOPE. I think they have 
decided to stay there forever!!!  Currently there are 30 children ranging
in age from 5 to 15. The staff are doing a wonderful job!

Early next week I will visit Hosetta School to check in and deliver parcels.
It's always good to see Susan, Edna and the staff.

This is just a tiny peek into what's up with us!
Thank you so much for your prayers
and encouragement!  

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