Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Update 2011

Hello everyone! Happy New Year!

Our thoughts have been with you throughout the holiday season. We trust that God blessed you with wonderful times with family and friends!

Our Christmas was different, of course, but we enjoyed every moment. We have met so many people, some that we work alongside weekly, others that are serving in Sierra Leone with other organizations. It is amazing how there is an instant bond as we connect with missionaries who are serving the Lord here. We are blessed!

Please know that your prayers and your support are impacting lives:

• We arrived safely on November 10th and within days we were settled and on the job
• Our apartment was fully furnished, so we were instantly “at home”
• We have had consistent internet access which has meant to world to us and our family back in the US
• We have great working relationships with partners which include: Global Connection Partnership Network (Arlington, TX), The Restore Hope Project (Jui, SL), Buckner International (the Country Director works from the Hope Centre along with us) and so many local pastors and associates here in Sierra Leone
• We are serving in four communities: Wellington, Grafton, Mile 91 and Pujehun (200 miles up-country)
• 226 orphans with their caretaker families and 86 widows and their families are a part of a three year project that will help with the immediate need of food, and with the long-range goal of sustainability through agricultural and skills development
• An association of 120 young adults between 18 and 35 years of age will soon be involved in skills training in several areas: computers (already underway), auto mechanics, basic plumbing and electrical, catering, tailoring, hairdressing and gara (African tie-dying)
• The Hosetta School for children with mental and mild physical disabilities will be the focus of two teams coming from the US in May and June: construction needs, staff training and curriculum development

We are so aware that we can do nothing apart from our Father working through us, and without your prayers and support! We thank you for joining us in this great adventure!!

Prayer requests:

• We continue to look for an affordable and reliable vehicle
• Our main generator at the apartment needs repair - we will need parts from the states
• Physical strength as we head into the hottest months of the year from mid-February through mid-April
• There are many details that need to be worked out for our 2011 teams
• Hosetta School children – that our teams will know best how to work alongside the staff with training and curriculum development that will lead to a sustainable work
• The 120 young adults of the Jui Association
• Our orphans, caretakers and widows as they begin working to clear and plow fields in February
• Our family back home

Blessings for an amazing new year!
Tom and Becky

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Barb said...

Becky, what parts do you need for the generator?