Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tom's reflections - Part #4

Look at these smiles after 3 days of treatment! We were able to have them admitted to Heart & Hand Clinic near our apartment in Grafton on Jan 20th just 5 days after I first met them. Dr Patricia is partnering with us to help meet the medical needs of the street kids we encounter. Wherever possible she will seek to cut costs for us, a real blessing!!!

As of Jan 22nd: Father Joe has had IV antibotics in preparation for some surgery on his foot. His fever is gone, as well as some of the swelling. The infection seems to be concentrating in a central location on the top of his foot which will be opened and drained soon. He will be at the clinic for about two weeks.

Little Mohamed is having body washings three times daily with ointments applied, injections daily since his skin is too delicate to run IVs, and will spend about a month at the clinic.

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