Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tom's reflections - Part #5

On Saturday morning (1/22) we were back on the streets of Waterloo. Throughout the morning we came across two more boys in need of medical attention. After hours of informing the proper authorities we were able to transport them to Heart & Hand in the evening.

Mohamed M (age 17) was suffering from Typhoid, Malaria and Pneumonia in both lungs. Dr Patricia was quite certain that he would not have lasted long on the streets. He has been treated with antiboitic IVs, etc...and is improving. A week's stay should have him fixed up and ready to return to Waterloo.

Alhaji (age 14) had a wound on his leg that was seriously infected. He is improving and needs about one week of care as well.

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Gabriel and Sada said...

Tom and Becki,

Wow! It is amazing that you guys were able to help these children. I know that they appreciate it so much. I will pray that God will continue to heal them not only physically but also spiritually. May they see a glimpse of Jesus through this time of suffering. God bless you guys as you continue your ministry. Sometimes, i cant wait to get back there...