Monday, January 31, 2011

Our boys are progressing!

We are so thankful that our four street kids are progressing. Three are ready to leave the clinic. Now comes the hard part! Alfred and the Social Work Interns have located family members for each of the guys, but some relationship building must take place! The boys have come to feel most comfortable on the streets. They don't want to go back to places where they have been abused and neglected. Alfred will be impressing on the caregivers that we will be making routine visits with the full knowledge of the authorities in the area. There will be a level of expectation and accountability. We truly hope that the kids are able to adjust to being "home." We may find them back on the streets again in a matter of days.

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Claudia said...

These boys bring tears to my eyes. So many fragile lives. Thank you for being there and doing what you can do. Thank God for putting it in your hearts to GO. You know, we know we are all going to die someday, but we must do more to make life here endurable and not just all suffering. I will be praying for them. and you. It was good to talk with you last night.